Student Testimonials

Joyce Val Retreat Oct 2016

“I truly enjoyed my experience during the retreat. The new kumihimo instructions were a new challenge I enjoyed very much. The stay was wonderful. Ate way too much. Linda and Michelle couldn’t have been nicer. They made the experience like a small vacation for all of us.
Great challenges.
Wonderful food and new friends.
Slept like a baby.
Just LOVED it!

-Joyce Petrick
October 2016 

I was one of the lucky dozen to attend the first Wine, Dine & Design Kumihimo retreat where Mastering Composition & Color was the focus of this incredible 3 day event. Our minds were expanded beyond anything I ever expected thanks to Rebecca’s amazing teaching skills and generous sharing of knowledge and skills. (Okay, our waistlines might have expanded a little bit too, thanks to our incredible chef Michelle and host Linda!) If you have the desire to gain more understanding and confidence regarding the design process & color (and learn about wine and line dancing as well!), then you MUST attend this event. You will be amazed at what this 3 day retreat will bring to your love of kumihimo. Great location, incredible hosts and so much fun!”

-Barb Gores
October 2016

Rebecca Lee Kumihimo Retreat Oct 2016

I thought this course was fabulous. I had a little trouble following the Fibonacci numbers when you went through the examples in class. But I went through an example with a lot of help from you and then another example with a little help from you, and I have it now. I appreciate having something that took a lot of work on my part. I loved everything else in the class as well and feel much more confident and creative in my ability to design. Sorry, no constructive criticism, it was great!”

“It was the best: best: best best: best best best: best best best best best…and I’m not fib-onacching. I had a great time, learned a lot and can’t wait until next year. Thanks to everyone involved.”

-Lee Fulmer
October 2016

Judith Retreat Oct 2016“I think I may actually be able to design my own patterns now – never would have expected it.  I won’t be a design star overnight, but the class has been so very beneficial.  I liked seeing what other participants designed – very helpful.  I will be practicing, practicing, practicing.  Thank you!

-Judith Whitcomb
October 2016

Rebecca and Fern Retreat Oct 2016

“Loved learning the color wheel.  I’ve never been able to make good use of one in the past.  I appreciate all the individual help; enjoyed seeing what others had done.  Liked being able to take the time to practice design.  Looking forward to now braiding the two designs I have.  Big things for me were the process for design, the math, especially Golden Ratio & Fibonacci Sequence in design, and the time to practice.  Am so glad I came, it was even better than I’d expected.

-Fern Bailes
October 2016

Lee Retreat Feb 2017

I went to the first retreat and learned so much that I took my designing skills to a new level.  An it was loads of fun, too!  So I decided to come to the second iteration to bring my skills to an even higher level and the second one was even better than the first!  Rebecca is a fabulous teacher and so fun and helpful.  The host, Linda, and the cook, Michele, are wonderful.  Lots of work, lots of learning, and so fun it’s like being on vacation!”
-Lee Fulmer
February 2017 (returning student from the October 2016 retreat)

“When I thought about coming to this I mostly wanted to learn how to design color fades.  You have exceeded my expectations and given me so many new ideas and options.  Understanding color relations will also help immensely in my designs.  The only problem I had is that I am sometimes math challenged and need to work through the process to understand.  You were very patient with me.  Thanks!”

-Dot Newkirk
February 2017

“This was an incredible weekend.  I knew I loved doing kumihimo, but was limited to what I copied from your books or patterns.  I could only copy, but now I can create!  I think I need some time to work on my own and see how it goes.  I feel like this group is a family now.  Your teaching style and detail is perfect for learning.  The Midnight Art Ranch, Linda, Tom & Michele are wonderful and part of the experience.  Thank so so very much!”

Delia C. Laws
February 2017